Marysville, Ohio

Web Design

Protea Marketing is a website design company serving the Marysville, Ohio small business community.  We focus on helping small businesses get up and running quickly.  As a small business ourselves, we understand you.

Most website design companies are expensive, they have huge overhead and salaries.  We are NOT that company!  We are focused on helping you.  We understand that small businesses have limited resources and can work with you to get you a great website.  Try Us Out.


Hosting Partner

We will set you up with a fabulous hosting partner and will help ensure that your website is secure and is up and running all the time.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We will help optimize your website for the main search engines, Google and Bing.  In addition, we can set your website up to be found by the search engines quickly.  Provide you with some free tools to help keep your site optmized.


Small Business - Makes Ohio Work

Ohio Business Fact

97.9% of Ohio’s businesses are small businesses who employ 46.2% of Ohio’s employees

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It’s About the Details

Your Website Should Incorporate the Following 5 Components

1.  Attractive Design

2.  Flow (Customers must be able to find what they are looking for – quickly!)

3.  Mobile Friendly and Responsive

4.  Optimized for Search Engine Searching (SEO)

5.  Secure and Compliant